Realising and Releasing Talent

Commissioned by a public sector body to develop a talent management process that assesses and agrees the performance and expertise of all individuals through regular conversations to enable a transparent strategic view of talent.

Key outcomes to ensure the organisation had:

  • The right people in the right jobs
  • The right skills for the right jobs
  • An understanding of skills gaps against future needs
  • Identified succession plans for all roles
  • Conducted regular performance reviews
  • Consistently and fairly evaluated and rewarded individual performance
  • Identified and agreed appropriate development plans

Working collaboratively with the organisation’s Head of Organisational Development, the CNEQT team successfully launched the talent process and facilitated Pilot Talent Moderation sessions with the organisation’s senior leadership team. Following a resounding endorsement of the process the CNEQT team were engaged to provide training to a core group of internal leaders who would be spearheading the roll-out of the process, including facilitating future moderation sessions.

This was a pioneering approach for this particular organisation and CNEQT continues to work with them to further embed the benefits of proactively managing all their talent.

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