Changing Leadership Behaviours in Construction

The Construction Sector has been on a massive journey over the past two decades to improve safety on site, the next chapter in this continued development was to focus on Quality and getting it right first time.

Working with a major global construction organisation with the aim of:

  • All Supervisors and Construction Managers having the appropriate technical, behavioural and leadership skills and competence to deliver the required quality and to achieve Safety, Quality and Productivity.
  • Shape and embed the new Construction ILM qualifications
  • Focus on Behavioural and cultural change, rather than a tick box exercise

Our design moved away from the traditional to PowerPoint based approach with a highly experiential programme, focusing on ‘doing’ Leadership and feedback, rather than talking about it.

For Supervisors, a modular programme focused on Leadership & Management, Quality, Planning and People. Each module contained relevant inputs mixed with purpose built experiential simulations to maximise the opportunity to feedback on behaviours. This culminated in a practical assessment day using a unique construction based project.

The workshops were supported by 1:1 coaching sessions for assessment and embedding new behaviours, as well as line manager briefing and support.

Whilst creating this programme we assisted in the creation of, tested and rolled out the new ILM qualification.

For Construction Supervisors, our unique Yacht Based business simulation helped development key behaviours in supporting the new culture.

The outcome of this was over 300 supervisors achieving the CILM Certificate (92% pass rate), 95% said they “have increased their knowledge or skills which they will be able to use in their “

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