How We Work

We work with your outcomes in mind and strive to:

  • Be practical and pragmatic
  • Focus on ‘doing’ rather than talking about it
  • Be expert in facilitation, coaching and challenge
  • Be a trusted advisor and critical friend
  • Create clear, measureable business outcomes
  • Be flexible and innovative in our delivery
  • Develop individuals to make proactive, informed decisions and choices
  • Tailor to your specific needs and context – we don’t fit client needs to our solutions

All underpinned by our Cneqt leadership framework below

Cneqt Leadership Framework

Commercial Focus

We develop people who understand the core stuff, take ownership for issues and prioritise ruthlessly to ensure their people are focused on the right things to proactively improve business outcomes.


We develop people who create an open and honest environment where teams are excited and enthusiastic about change and choose to do their best work for customers.


We develop people who build strong diverse teams, manage individual performance, understand people’s strengths and expertise, stretching them to perform at their best.


We develop people who provide clear direction and make meaningful links between business strategy, personal objectives and customer outco


We develop people who are self-aware and emotionally mature, creating and managing positive relationships starting with their team, peers and customers.